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About Leeneh

Leeneh® is a cloud-based platform that makes it easy for school administrators to manage their student records, collect fees and engage parents and guardians.



customer centered

We understand that to build a solution that works for Liberian schools, we needed to involve the school administrators, teachers, students, and parents from the very start.

From informal conversations and structured interviews, we listened and understood that the primary challenge most schools face is with managing their records.

We continue to listen to you for feedback, new feature requests, etc. to ensure that Leeneh meets your needs.



We understand that your school data is at the heart of running your school. Thus we designed Leeneh to protect your school data by using servers in multiple locations so your data is always securely backed up and accessible from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection for yourself and your staff to access and use Leeneh.

Being cloud-based also means that we can add new features quickly and you always use the latest version.


free school website

We understand that most schools do not have website presence to tell the world about the great things they are doing. Thus when you join Leeneh, we will design a professional-grade website for your school, train your staff to update it, and host it for you for as long as you remain with us at no additional cost.


training & support

We understand that whilst Leeneh is easy to use, we need to support new schools to make the migration process smooth. Thus we provide hands-on training for designated staff of your school as you join Leeneh, and we also provide ongoing support to your new staff members.


/ lii ˈ n ә nh / noun (Kpelle) a state of well-being and contentment.
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grades & reports

We understand that the process of entering grades and arriving at a final calculation can be tedious. Thus, we streamlined the grade entry and grades calculation processes such that averages are automatically generated on entered grades from the period level up to the final grades for the academic year.

Leeneh makes generating reports from entered grades a breeze. With a few clicks, you can generate term, period, or semester reports and verifiable transcripts in seconds.


mobile money

We understand that many schools lose money in the process of collecting fees. Parents/guardians also have to stand in long queues at banks just to pay their ward's fees.

Thus, we are in the process of incorporating mobile money into Leeneh to seal these leaks and ensure that parents can conveniently pay fees via their mobile money wallets or mobile money agents in their communities. Leeneh will allow school administrators to track all payments in real-time.


parents & guardians

We understand that parents and guardians are key stakeholders for the success of your school. Thus we make it easy for you to engage them through SMS and e-mail citations, a portal for them to view their ward's performance, and the ability to send them their ward's report cards via e-mail.


free test drive

We understand that it is easy to over-promise and under-deliver. Thus, we will provide you with real accounts to test-drive our platform and see for yourself. No contracts are necessary and no financial costs. You can cancel anytime. Just call us!

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Pricing Plans


$2.50 USD


+ Free School Website
+ Online Registration
+ Report Cards
+ Transcripts
+ Parents & Guardians
+ Official School Emails
+ Training & Support
+ Cloud Backup
+ Migration Support
+ Free Website Hosting
+ Free Test Drive

$3.50 USD


Everything in Starter
+ Mobile Money
+ SMS Citations

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